Gorgeous 2018 Georgetown XLF


2018 Forest River Georgetown aclassrvsale

What you need to know

  • 2018 Forest River Georgetown 377TS XLF
  • Gas
  • New
  • engine: Ford F-10
  • Sleeps: 6
  • Chassis: Ford
  • Slides: 3
  • Generator: ONAN 5500 with 0 hours

This coach features:

This brand new beauty comes with nice options such as full body paint, and outside entertainment center, and a washer/dryer combo. At 37″11 ft, this is a smaller sleeker self-contained unit with a front kitchen floor plan.

Some good comments made about this model is that it drives and tows well, and is stable and quiet on the road. The interior is spacious and quiet for the front end passenger. There is also plenty of pass through spacing.

Since its inception in 1996, Forest River has sold around 1.9 million units. It employs around 11,000 people and is a prominent presence around North America, so much so in fact that it was bought by Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway firm in 2005. Apparently the Oracle of Omaha saw it as a great company to invest in.

Let’s see the interior…

2018 Forest River Georgetown XL aclassrvsale.com

kitchen 2018 Forest River Georgetown aclassrvsale

bath 2018 Forest River Georgetown aclassrvsale

More on this model:

Here is a video clip so you can get a better feel for the interior:


The Seller: Berryland Campers

Berryland Campers is an award-winning dealership located in Louisiana. Each RV must pass a rigorous 4 hour pre inspection. They teach everything you need to know on the unit and you will be fully prepared to pull out the lot and enjoy your new RV.

Customer testimonial are stellar in reference to their longevity, service department, selection, and sales department. They also have quite a lovely website with lots of links and helpful information.

Nada Price Guide Value

nada price guide 2018 Forest River Georgetown aclassrvsale

Listed for: $115,000

You save: $15,550


This unit is selling for at least $10,000 below low retail and is therefore a good deal. What is your opinion of Forest River and the Georgetown XL line? Please leave a comment below.



Good Sam Club: Should you join or not?

A little history…good sam club aclassrvsale

Good Sam is the largest international organization of RV owners in the world. It was founded in 1968 by Art Rouse, owner of the company that published Motorhome and Trailer life magazines at that time. Subsequently, it was developed into a club offering discounts and RV related services to its members.

The name Good Sam Club was inspired by the biblical parable of the good Samaritan who stopped to help someone broken down on the side of the road when others had passed them by. Gives you a pretty good feeling.


Marcus Lemonis, star of the hit show the Profit, is CEO of Good Sams

marcus lemonis good sam club aclassrvsale
Star of the hit show “The Profit” on NBC, Lemonis was Lebanese born and adopted by a family in Miami. He grew up exposed to an entrepreneurial father who ran a network of Chevy dealerships in south Florida.

Marcus showed a propensity for business early in life when at the age of 12 he started his own lawn mowing service. After graduating from college and running for political office, he held key managerial and sales roles in the automotive industry. That is how he met Lee Iaccoca, CEO of Chrysler, who encouraged him to enter the RV and camping arena.

Lemonis revolutionized the industry, buying 100+ companies from dealerships and turning them in Camping Word Supercenters. Combining Good Sam Club with Camping World, Lemonis has been able to create an organization which now employs 7500 people in 125 cities with an annual revenue of 3 billion and a membership of 1.8 million RV owners.

Costs and perks of Good Sam

Good Sam is a large organization offering a variety of different services including road side assistance, extended RV warranties, RV and auto insurance, travel assist, credit cards, RV loans, and life/health insurance.

Good Sam Tire & Wheel Protection

The yearly cost of membership is $27 per year with discounts if you sign up for multiple years. I suggest doing the yearly first of course just to try it out.

Perks include receiving a 10% discount at RV parks (honestly nothing to write home about), fuel discounts, and more importantly, an extensive network of nicer parks located all over US. These parks are vetted a lot better so your chances of pulling up into a park and getting a nasty surprise is decreased considerably.

You will also receive perks if you are a veteran. Good Sam also offers more extensive discounts to members on products in their SuperCenters, up to 30%, as well as trip planning services.

This is good for those just beginning to rv. Their knowledgable and helpful staff will let you know how much you can save and really give support for newbies and veterans alike.

Top complaints

One complaint people have of Good Sam Club is it doesn’t offer refunds on the membership if you cancel. Also, the app that it has crashes frequently so when you are on the road and looking for an RV site this could be a nuisance.

Being a large mega organization you are bound to find a bevy of complaints against them,however they are rated A+ by the BBB and have been in business for 52 years. They currently have 60 closed complaints in the last 3 years, not bad for an enterprise with a million+ members.

All that being said….

There are other memberships to consider that give much bigger discounts on the RV parks such as Passport America. However, because of its history, foundation, CEO, philosophy and extensive services offered I can’t find a reason for $27 a year NOT to find out for yourself how and to what extent it could benefit you.  Here are some links to just a few of Good Sam’s services.

Have you tried Good Sam Club and if so what were your experiences? I would love to hear about them in the comments below.




Why the Total Gym 1400 fits my RV lifestyle

Getting in shape for 2018total gym 1400 aclassrvsale

Although it is now the month of June I have decided to finally commit to my new years resolution that I made in January! I have long wanted to begin a serious strength training program.

As I age I find I want to keep myself in the best shape as possible. RV life is a lot more fun when you are active and fully capable of physically enjoying all the activities that come  with the adventures of traveling.

Not only that, but the health benefits that come with strength training have been well documented. Loss of body fat, general strengthening, decreasing chances of osteoporosis, and general mood enhancement are all well worth the effort of working out on a regular basis.

Why I choose to work out from home vs going to a gym

Gym aclassrvsale

My #1 reason for working out at home is the most obvious one…CONVENIENCE! I love being able to pull out my home gym first thing the morning before going to work.

I bust out a 15-20 minute work out and have done the most challenging physical activity of the day first! No driving someplace to spend time, gas, and effort. No membership fees. And it is certainly great not to have to find a gym everywhere you travel.

You truly have no excuses left not to do it when it’s sitting there staring you in the face.

So a home gym is a no brainer for me. But which one of the oh-so- many choices out there?

How I choose the Total Gym 1400

chuck norris aclassrvsale

No it wasn’t because I am a big Chuck Norris fan. I thought Christie Brinkley was the better spokesperson. But the advertising does work! After years of seeing the infomercials, at some point the idea of getting one of these babies got into my psyche.

I wanted the Total Gym Fit which is the latest model but it retails for $1500. I didn’t want to make that big an investment in something that I wasn’t even sure I was going to follow through with. I found the 1400 series based on reviews and the easy price of under $300.

How many of you have bought some home workout equipment thinking you were going to transform your body but it now serves as a place to hang your wet clothes? Being able to relate to that, I decided to start with the low end model and if I stick it, work my way up.

Got my Total Gym 1400 and loving it!

I received my gym and the first thing i noticed was how heavy it was. Moving it from the mailroom to my rv was a work out in itself! It is definitely a sturdy piece of equipment which will be durable for years to come.

Living in a 233 sq.ft place dictated that the gym be foldable and easy to store which i can say this it is. Stretched out on the floor it requires about 8 X 3 ft.

I spent an hour reading through all the instructions and manuals. It comes with a DVD, two instruction booklets, and even a diet plan. The actual setting up of the machine takes about 15 seconds.

You have to move slow it it because it can pinch fingers, but once you know how to open it you are literally 10 seconds away from a decent work out.

They also supply you beginer to advanced work out plans. I’m still on beginner level but if I keep up my commitment I can see it taking me where I want to go.

I have included a short video so you can see how the machine is used. It’s not the same model but exact same principle.

I bought my Total Gym 1400 on Ebay…here is the link.


If you are full-time in your rv, live in a tiny home, and want an economical starter home gym, I highly recommend this one.

How about you? Do you work out on a home gym and if so what is your experience? How about working out on the road? Please leave a comment and I will be happy to respond.