3 Surprising Advantages of Full Time Living In An Rv


There are lots of pros about rv living. After 10 years I am happy to say that I am still at it. Here are 3 surprising advantages of full time living in a RV.  

Cleaning takes 30 minutes tops!Cleaning 3 surprising advantages aclassrvsale

My cleaning routine is as follows

  • Wash the few dishes my smallish sink holds
  • Sweep out or vacuum the space which for my 30 ft unit is about 200 square feet.
  • Clean out the shower, sink, and toilet in less than 10 minutes.
  • Put things that are laying about in their respective storage areas.
  • Take out the trash
  • Make the bed

Other deeper cleaning tasks such as cleaning out the oven (which currently serves as where I store my pots), microwave, upholstery and cabinetry not withstanding, my typical weekly cleaning takes about 20 minutes.

Boom! All done and ready to head out into the great yonder. My current home base is the Winter Garden RV Resort  where they keep the grounds cut and weeded saving me even more time.

Other aspects of keeping things tidy inside depends on your situation such as whether you have pets or kids, but if you are like me and like to keep a tight ship, RV life lends itself very well to being able to use your valuable time on things other than cleaning!

My core living expenses are around $1200 per month!

core living expenses 3 surprising advantages aclassrvsale

Here are my monthly living expenses in a nutshell.  Currently I am in a travel trailer and am stationary so this will not include class A expenses such as gas, maintenance and insurance.

Expenses are sure to change when I upgrade and I will happily share that as well. But for now…

  • Lot rental – $494.00 (This is rather pricey but the park is in a great location so…)
  • Electric- $50.00
  • Auto loan- $120.00 (I own a smart car)
  • Auto insurance- $95.00
  • Verizon Wireless– $122.00 (Your thinking pricey right? But it’s unlimited data and covers my cell and internet! It also includes my mobile hotspot which provides by far the best service I have had and I’ve tried everything from Sprint to AT&T to Boost! You get what you pay for.)
  • Dental plan- $36
  • Medical $26
  • Massage Envy $59 (This is not necessarily a living expense but I consider it to be a must!)
  • Food, Gas, Misc $200 (Now keep in mind I drive a smart car, bargain shop, and am a frequent guest at my mother’s dinner table 🙂
  • Cable- $0 comes with lot rental

All together we are looking at around $1200 a month. Now of course there are many other miscellaneous expenses I have not listed, but this gives you a core view to see how cost effective this lifestyle can be. I have seen many people come to the park to stay while they are saving for a home or otherwise are in a position where they need to save money or pay off debt.

No mooches able to move in!

mooching 3 surpising advantages aclassrvsale

This is a particular perk that I have found useful. As someone who enjoys living alone there has been more than one occasion in which circumstances have dictated that a friend or family member needs accommodations either immediately or for an extended period.

I simply shrug and tell them “Hey, I live in what is essentially a tiny home, there’s only room for one”. They don’t press me too hard as this lifestyle is an acquired taste and I’m happy to say it keeps mooches off my couch!

What about you? Have you found your own perks to the RV life? I would love to hear them so please leave a comment below.


Luxurious Legacy 34A – Forest River 2018

Legacy 34A 2018 aclassrvsale


This stunning Class A is produced by Forest River, a Berkshire Hathaway company. With 3 slide outs, double recliners, a washer and dryer, and faux wood flooring, it’s being sold for ALMOST $20,000 BELOW LOW RETAIL as per the Nadaguides.

Notable Features…..

Your first impression when you enter a Forest River model is….nice. I know this from experience because one of my neighbors had upgraded from a pop up camper to Forest River travel trailer. When I walked in I was pleasantly surprised by the decor and the somewhat upscale feel.

This new unit has zero miles. Buying new as opposed to a used unit has its pros and cons. One pro being as the first owner you definitely know the maintenance history and will be under warranty.

Most obvious con is it depreciates considerably once you drive it off the lot, but you don’t buy RVs for their long term investment value 🙂

This camper looks really comfortable. It has 3 slide outs…one being a full wall slide, so it has a nice wide open feel.

Notable are its 2 air conditioners to keep it nice and cool inside and it’s outside entertainment center if you like watching sports or movies with friends outdoors.

Forest River decor is made to make the unit have more of a residential feel. It also has smart and creative spaces for keeping the things organized.

Looking at the interior…

The 34A floor plan has a combined kitchen and living area so it’s comfortable to entertain guests.

Living Legacy 34A 2018 aclassrvsale

kitchen Legacy 34A 2018 aclassrvsale

And here you have a lovely young lady who will give you the best view of the interior.

The unit is located at a popular dealership in Grand Rapids, Michigan. They are one of the largest sellers of class A and C motorhomes in the country, has a huge dealer network and carry multiple major brands. As a volume dealer it therefore can offer some excellent prices on many of their rvs.

Legacy 34A nadaguides aclassrvsale

Listed for: $159,990

Savings: $17,360


I would love to hear feedback from anyone who has experience with Forest River. Please leave your comments below 🙂

Helping you find great deals on Class A motorhomes


How To Use Nadaguides for RV shopping – 5 easy steps

Have you ever wondered what decides how much we pay for cars, boats, and rvs? Who determines what is fair market value for an motorhome?

When researching prices for the class A units I feature on this website, I use Nadaguides because it is considered the most authoritative source for value comparison…but why?

The NADA story

Nadaguides (or NADA for short) stands for the National Automobile Dealers Association. Formed more than 100 years ago back in 1917, it is considered the bible for industry pricing on automobiles, boats, trailers, and motorhomes.

First a little history…

Nada as an organization that has its foundation rooted in political activism. In 1917 a group of about 30 dealers got together to form an association to go up against the federal government!

They had proposed to apply a 5% sales tax on the sales of all vehicles. So they went to Washington to convince congress that cars are a mass consumer good, not  a luxury item and that autos contributed for the good to the nation’s economic health.

Apparently they were effective in changing the minds of legislators because not only did they persuade congress not to apply the tax, they got them to decrease the already in effect luxury sales tax from 5% to 3%, and circumstantially prevented automobile factories from being converted to war factories during WWI.

Recognizing the ongoing need of an organization to tend to the political and economic interests of auto dealers, the first president of NADA was elected in Chicago in 1917.

NADA is the largest national trade group in the country. The prices listed on their consumer site reflect an average compilation of sales from hundreds of thousands of individual transactions from the busiest dealerships all across the country.  So they present a strong data point from which to base values.

Things to keep in mind:

  • The values listed on NADA are based strictly on data from participating member dealerships, which happens to be most major dealers in the country.
  • Most lenders use NADA exclusively when determining loan-to value ratings, making it an important consideration for determining what an rv can be sold and traded for in dealerships and therefore even in private sales.
  • Although no guide is 100% accurate in that it can reflect every possible data point given by the industry, Nada can be used effectively to negotiate prices in dealerships and to come up with ballpark price points for buying and selling privately.

How to use the NADA website

  1. go to nadaguides.com/RVs
  2. choose your rv type:

3. Research motor home by make and model….there are 100’s!

nadaguides research motorhome aclassrvsale

4. Put in the correct year, then click on the model in blue.

nadaguides make and model aclassrvsale

5. Once you click on the make and model you will be prompted to enter your zip code.

From there you will be taken to get base pricing. If it is a diesel motor home there is no need to put the mileage, but you will need to if it is gas.

nadaguides base pricing aclassrvsale

6. And voila`! You’ve  got a base price (what most dealers use) from which to compare on shopping for or selling your motorhome.

As you can easily see there is HUGE discrepancy between the suggested list price, low, and average retail.  Most of us are aware to never pay that!

There are other considering factors though, such as the condition of the unit, any options it may come with and seller incentives when you are gauging what is a fair price.

I get a special thrill when I find a motorhome that is being sold considerably beneath low retail. As long as it is clean and running efficiently it warms my heart to know I’m not being ripped off and am in fact being given a fair price.

The Bottom Line

Although the values in Nadaguides are an arbitrary measurement…they are still a very useful guide in terms of determining what is a fair market price.

I hope this post was helpful to you. Please drop me a line if you have any comments or questions.