RV Loans After Bankruptcy – Should You Try It?

How easy is it to acquire RV loans after bankruptcy? Should you try it and what are the chances you’ll be approved? With a bankruptcy 2 years past in my rear view mirror I would like to share my recent experiences in trying to acquire an RV loan as well as the conclusion I eventually came to.

Deciding to Declare Chapter 7

bankruptcy aclassrvsale

Having to declare bankruptcy was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do in my life. Due to losing my job and having lived “beyond my means” I had racked up around $80,000 in debt including school loans.

There is such a stigma attached to bankruptcy and knowing it would be on my credit report for seven years, I really deliberated long and hard before deciding to go that route.

As well as the hit to your credit, there is also the emotional toll it takes of feeling like you have failed at your financial life. But here are the reasons I decided to take the plunge:

  • It’s a fairly common legal procedure used by many corporations and prominent individuals.
  • It would give me a fresh financial start
  • If used only once and NOT as a way of life… and if I could implement a new way to operate financially, in other words, live by the philosophy that if I couldn’t pay cash then I really couldn’t afford it, it would be worth it.

So I went ahead with it and got rid of about $35,000 dollars in debt minus school loans. Within 3 months of completion, I was receiving credit card offers.

I opened up a few lines of credit, maintained a zero balance, starting living within my means (which did require me to make adjustments like starting to use a budget), my credit rose from 550 to 683 in about 2 years. Not the best, but certainly good enough I thought to apply for a RV loan and get approved, even at elevated interest rates.

Applying for an RV Loan After Bankruptcy

rv loans after bankruptcy aclassrvsale

Boy was I wrong. So the time had come for me to move out of my travel trailer and into a Class A motor home. I had gone down to my Lazy Days dealership, had a great experience in choosing a RV, and was looking at a 2005 Damon Integra for around $30,000. I knew that I could afford the payments and thought hell, I might not get the best interest rate, but SOMEBODY would approve me.

I’m going to make a long story short. I had 5 different financial institutions decline my application. Reason given on every one…bankruptcy.

You see, it didn’t matter whether I could pay the loan or not, the stigma of bankruptcy on my financial record had left me dead in the water and nobody would touch me with a 10-foot pole, from credit unions to even lenders that dealt with bad credit.

It did not help that I didn’t have a huge down payment to put down, maybe that would have made the difference. It all led me to one conclusion.

Starting My RV Life Debt Free

I took it as a sign that perhaps I should start thinking about a debt free life. How great it would be to walk in and just purchase my RV outright….all mine free and clear. I began thinking about starting my RV life debt free.

How much easier it would be to not have a loan payment? How long would it take me to save up the money? How much of a discount could I get if I walked in all cash?

Living beyond my means and over financing things is what had gotten me in trouble in the first place. Committing to better money management and a debt free life would justify the humiliation of my bankruptcy and would make me feel like I learned the lesson.

So that is what I propose to do. Save the money up until I can buy my first rig with cash!

debt free aclassrvsale

How about you? Have you tried to acquire an RV loan after a bankruptcy and if so what were your experiences? Please leave a comment below.




Noble Newmar Mountain Aire 2008

mountainaire 2008 aclassrvsale

This very noble Newmar Mountain Aire 2008 is on sale in Tampa, FL. It is one of my dream rigs and is being sold at around $1500 below low retail.

The Newmar brand is synonymous with “high end”. Even if you are buying an older model, you will be sure to experience a more luxurious and homelike experience when you go with their line.

This 2008 is a diesel with 3 air conditioners, washer/dryer combo, 4 slides, an upgraded freezer, upgraded shower walls, and an outside entertainment center.

Some especially cool features are a dishwasher, central vacuum, and home theater. A nice extra is that there were no previous pets so if you have one they can mark fresh territory.

Let’s see the interior…

mountain aire 2008 aclassrvsale

I can appreciate the creamy leather couch and nice tile flooring.

mountain air 2008 bath aclassrvsale

With a King size bed, such a modern bath looks like very comfortable traveling.

And of course we have a nice video to give you a comprehensive look.

Featured 5-Star Seller: Lazydays
lazydays tampa aclassrvsale

I want that planter lol! The next best thing I could do was take a photo.

Lazydays Tampa is a huge dealership sprawled across more than 100 acres. It has locations in various places throughout the US: Tampa (closest to me), 3 cities in Colorado including Denver, Minneapolis (newest), and Tucson.

I took a ride over to my local Lazydays and had a great experience talking with one of their top sales people Eddie Johnson.


Eddie lazydays aclassrvsale

Eddie drove me around the HUGE parking lot and explained to me what the Lazy Days difference is. “We give you the total package! We pride ourselves on the fact the we provide every service you may want. No need to go anywhere else.”

Lazy days has it’s own RV resort. They also have sites where you can hook up your rig and move your belongings over at your leisure if you are doing a trade in.

The overall impression I got after visiting them is that they seem to support RV life holistically, from supplying a staggering selection of vehicles for purchase to providing in house RV training and seminars year round.

Even if you did not purchase your RV with them you get access to the classes and will they will even teach you how to drive.

For those who like first class, there is the elite Crown Club which allows for membership benefits such as flying you in for free so you can drive your RV home, clubhouse amenities with gourmet meals, and complementary exterior washes.

It was an absolute pleasure to visit the dealership and Eddie will be my go to when I’m ready to upgrade.

Nada Price Guide

mountain aire 2008 nada guide aclassrvsale

Listed for: $179,787

You save: $1,663


This isn’t the biggest discount I have found, but it’s a FAIR deal at the very least and of course you are always welcome to negotiate for a better price.

Have you had an experience with LazyDays or the Newmar Mountain Aire? Please leave me a comment below :-).

How Shipt Shopping Can Help Support Your RV Dream

Unless you are debt free and financially independent, finding ways to make money while on the road is a priority. Many people pursue online work like blogging, e-commerce, or work from home positions which are great, but today I would like to inform you as to how Shipt shopping can help to support your RV dream.

What is Shipt?

what is shipt aclassrvsale

Shipt got started in 2014 and is going strong in 43 states across the US.

It is a delivery service that partners with grocery and big name department stores like Publix, Winn Dixie, Harris Teeter, Costco, Target and are constantly expanding.

Much like Uber Eats, it is an independent contractor job and requires you to use your own vehicle.

Everything is handled through the app even the initial interview. You answer a few questions on a video clip and send it in. If they hire you they will send you a debit card to get started and the fun begins.

Nothing is required for you to work for them besides valid a driver’s license, registration/insurance, a good cell plan and your own car.

The company will give you the first Shipt shirts free. You can also purchase all types of accessories from them like cooler bags, hoodies, and car signs. However you are not required to wear their logo, you can dress as you please.

Useful items I have found are a foldable, portable cart and a cell phone holder that attaches to my cart. The cart is very handy for when you deliver to high rises and have heavier or multiple items and the cell holder allows me to work hands free.  These are the ones I use.

Get it on eBay
Get It On Ebay

How it works

Shipt is extremely easy to work and to use. Customers make orders which come straight to your phone. Shopping the orders are a breeze with a very friendly app interface and scanner that won’t let you make mistakes.

shipt app aclassrvsale

Deliver groceries or other items to busy moms, single dads, elderly parents, busy working singles,  folks home sick from work, or people who just hate shopping!

Shipt pays weekly which is very convenient and there are multiple ways to make money… from the order itself, to promotional pay to the tips.

Of course how much you make depends on many factors such as how many orders you do a week, your shopper rating, and if you are full or part-time. Average pay is around $500 if you take 25-30 orders a week.

Tips to make more money with Shipt

Ways to make max money with Shipt include the following:

  • Have a high shopper rating. This means you deliver ON TIME and your order is highly accurate. You will get higher tips and be sent more work based on your rating.
  • Look for those promotional orders. There are times when Shipt gets so swamped with orders and don’t have enough people working to cover them so they start doling out anywhere from $2-$25 on top of your order and tip pay. Some folks only take the promo jobs to make max money per order.
  • Set yourself up on your own schedule and TAKE THE ORDERS WHEN THEY COME! This way you will be sent orders first because your acceptance rate which affects your overall rating will be high.
  • You can also make money by referring other people to Shipt.

The Perks of Shipt

It lends itself well to RV life as it is just 8 states shy of being nationwide so you can work it almost anywhere you travel and SET YOUR OWN SCHEDULE.

Shipt map aclassrvsale

Working Shipt will allow you to get to know the areas in which you currently reside better and give you a real sense of the town and people. You will also know all the sales specials when you do your own shopping:-).

Shipt provides a stellar service that provides real value to the people who work it and use it. It is a company with a corporate culture that has a heart, which is always a plus in my book.

Working Shipt in conjunction with UberEats is a great combo to maximize earning potential during the hours you want to work.

You also get the service for free as a member if you want to use it yourself.

Check out one Shipt shoppers perspective here:


I have worked Shipt for 2 years and still I love it. As far as I’m concerned I’m getting paid to get my 10,000 steps in and the weekly money comes in very handy.

Depending on your situation it can definitely have a place in helping to support your RV life.

Want to see if Shipt is a good fit? >>GET STARTED SHOPPING WITH SHIPT

How about using it for yourself? Shipt delivers anywhere including rv parks. Go thorough my link and get $10 off your first order. >>SHOP FOR ME PLEASE

Would love to hear from any Shipt shoppers or users. Please leave any questions below.

Terrific 2006 Travel Supreme DS04

2006 Travel Supreme aclassrvsale

I found this tantalizing Travel Supreme model on sale at just a little above low retail. With only 44,000 miles on it over a 12-year period it presents a great opportunity to experience a higher end coach at an excellent price.

Right off the bat I can tell you this be one of the coolest paint jobs I’ve seen in a while. If this baby was parked at a Walmart I might hang around gawking at it for a while.

About Travel Supreme

The 2006 line presents with convenient features such as a DSI water heater ( which means you can switch it on and off with an electric switch), the arctic insulation package to help survive the winter and washer/dryer combo. The interior is upgraded with nice cabinetry, kitchen plank flooring and upgraded counters.

Travel Supreme is no longer in business. My research says they started out making luxury travel trailers and then evolved in to making motorhomes. It is rumored that the original owners were ex-Newmar employees, another upscale RV line, which doesn’t surprise me as the interiors seem to have similar designs. Reading reviews from Travel Supreme owners, I couldn’t find many complainers.

Some quotes included:

  • “the best coach we ever owned”
  • “roomy and elegant”
  • “no problems”
  • “well-made”
  • “easy to drive”

Let’s take a look at the interior

2006 travel supreme living aclassrvsale

Look at that rich wood flooring. Leather is always an upscale plus and there is even a place to play chess to the left 🙂

I always like to give a more comprehensive view of the interior so here it is…

You can find this unit at a dealership in South Carolina. They do quite a bit of online business as well and have numerous good reviews according to their website. Of course, I went to the BBB to see what they had to say. They only had 4 complaints. Not bad at all for a dealership their size.

Nada Price Guide Value

Nadaguides 2006 travel supreme aclassrvsale

Listed for: $79,998

The list price is so close to low retail that it just scraped by enough to earn being featured as a fair deal.


Any opinions or comments on this model would be greatly appreciated.