Were you ripped off when you bought your first rv?

Okay….. I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s go back to the beginning.

Let me share the story of what led me to create aclassrvsale.com.

My Passion for Class A rvs

It all started as an experiment in tiny home living. After being exposed to the concept that less is more and admiring a lifestyle of minimalism, I wanted to gauge if I could reside in a small space and if so, see for how long?

So, I purchased a 2005 Dutchmen Classic travel trailer for $14,195.35. This seemed to me to be a small investment to see if I would take to the lifestyle.

That particular line of travel trailer had no luxury features. I didn’t want to invest a lot of money as I had no idea how long I would be doing “tiny home life”.

So I moved in. It took some getting used to at first, but seeing how it was just me, I quickly got used to the dimensions and after a while I felt right at home.

Finding out I’d been ripped off!

One day my neighbor asked me how much I had paid for my trailer and I proudly announced around fourteen grand. I’ll never forget the bemused look on his face as he unabashedly told me “Oh they got you good, didn’t they?”

My response: “What do you mean?!”

“That trailer can’t be worth more than six or seven grand.” I was in shock! Not wanting to believe him, I ran to my laptop and started doing research. I typed in “Kelly Blue Book RV” and pulled up the website to NADA VALUE GUIDES. Found out it was the go to for motorhomes and travel trailers.

You see, as an inexperienced and impatient buyer who did no homework on what I should be paying, imagine the kick in the gut I felt when I learned that the trailer was only worth $5,000!

I had paid double what it was worth! I felt so betrayed, so ripped off, so abused. But the worst part was the shame. I knew it was all my own fault!

I had done no comparison shopping, looked up no industry standards on the value of RV’s. I had just bought the first thing I’d come across and liked.

A new day had come

From that day forth I vowed that I would ALWAYS take the time to do the research before purchasing anything, but particularly my next RV. And hence, this site.

Living in my 35 x 8 ft space (280 sq ft) travel trailer for that long had let me know that I didn’t have a problem with the spacing.

But if I am going to continue this lifestyle,  I want a serious upgrade!

For years I have watched class A rigs pull into my park, and I’m  fascinated with the fact that you are basically living in what is a luxury apartment with all the amenities but with the caveat of moving it wherever you want.

This website is a fusion of my own passion for Class A’s and my desire to help you not only find the best possible deal on your next motorhome but to celebrate the RV lifestyle in general!

I want this website to be the go to place for anyone looking to purchase Class A, wants to jump into the lifestyle  with this type of RV or just likes them and wants to see what they look like inside.  While they may seem on the surface to appear similar, they are as individual as a fingerprint.  

Aside from getting you all the information you need to make an informed choice about the coach, the seller, the brand, and other pertinent information, my main criteria is this….

Finding rvs selling at below low retail in the Nadaguides.

In my Class A RV Deals section, I do the research and save you the time. When shopping for diesel pusher motorhomes keep this website as a resource so that you will never feel the way I did.

Assuming that I can assist you in saving money on your current or next Class A purchase, I also include my perspective on aspects of my RV life in general. Most of us who are drawn to try this lifestyle have a certain type of character. Hoping to make new friends 🙂

All the best,

M. Antoinette

email: m.antoinette@aclassrvsale.com