Iconic Itasca Meridian 40U

2011 Itasca Meridian 40u aclassrvsale

Today’s great deal is an iconic 2011 Itasca Meridian 40U. I found this baby at a dealership right down the street from me and it’s going for almost $7,000 below low retail in the Nadaguides!

About Itasca

Everyone knows the name Winnebago, but what you may not know is that Itasca and Winnebago are exactly the same and manufactured on the same assembly line. They only differ in decor, interior and exterior colors and paint schemes. So all the same quality and stellar reputation that Winnebago is known for can be equally applied to Itasca.

With 90,000 miles on the odometer this 7 year old unit has been broken in and is seasoned and aesthetically comes across as practically a new unit.

Let’s take a look inside…

2011 Itasca Meridian living room aclassrvsale

Your first impression of the unit is …spaciousness. With 4 slides outs it opens up wide on both sides giving that true homey feel.

2011 Itasca Meridian 40u fireplace aclassrvsale


Other great features include the leather upholstery, fireplace, bath and a half, queen sized bed, and porcelain toilet. The forest cherry hardwood in the interior is stunning. With the stacked washer/dryer combo, tons of drawers and large closet, if you are a full-timer you will be set with all the space and comfort of this unit.

2011 Itasca Meridian 40u master aclassrvsale

Here are some live opinions recorded from a few folks’ impressions upon walking into this model.

Independence RV

This dealership is located in Winter Garden, FL and is an exclusive Newmar dealer, however they do take your trade in so they are able to offer a few varieties motorhomes of different lines and classes.

They got their start in 1985 as a small dealership with just six employees. Through stellar service and repeat customers they have grown enough to move to a 5 acre facility and have become a Newmar Authorized Factory Service Center. Folks come from all over the southeast to get their Newmars serviced according to factory specs.

Nada Price Guide Value

2011 Itasca Meridian 40u nadaguides aclassrvsale

Listed for: $119,900

You save: $6,750


As always I encourage people to always to negotiate for the best price.

Any fans or foes of the Itasca line? Please leave a comment below.


Renovated 1996 Newmar Dutch Star

1996 Dutchstar aclassrvsale
This 1996 Newmar Dutch Star 3757 is not my typical featured deal. The fact that it is 22 years old is something to consider, but it has been so thoroughly and beautifully renovated that it qualified as something I would consider a good deal.

An RV is like the human body. If you take care of it, it will give you many years of pleasure. When a coach has been stored long term indoors, has meticulous maintenance records and regular servicing, no matter the age, it should be considered as a cost effective way to experience a luxury coach such as Newmar.

If you’re planning to spend lots of time in RV parks you should keep in mind that many of them have an age requirement and won’t allow motorhomes older than 10 years in the park. However, if your rig looks good some parks will work with you.

This coach features:

This 38 ft. diesel model has only one slide and 86,000 miles on it so roughly 3,900 miles per year driven. It can comfortably sleep 5 and has 3 awnings to chill outside with.

What caught my attention was not so much the outside but the beautiful interior work done. It has many upgrades and has been completely renovated.

Let’s see the renovations…

Hard wood floors throughout …1996 Dutch star wood floor aclassrvsale

Other new replacements include pull out beds, memory foam mattress, A/C unit, faucets, counter tops, toilet, batteries, starter, power inverter, water heater, and tires all within last 3 months. Plus the cabinets have been resurfaced.

Let’s have a look.

1996 Dutch star renovated aclass rv1996 Dutch Star renovated kitchen aclassrvsale


1996 Dutch Star renovated bath aclassrvsale

1996 Dutch Star master aclassrvsale1996 Dutch Star shower aclassrvsale


With a newly coated roof plus an engine that has been thoroughly tested and repaired,  this is one I would buy myself! The coach is being sold by a private seller so I have no information on them, not even where the unit is located!


Nada Price Guide Value

1996 Dutch Star 3757 Nadaguides aclassrvsale

Listed for: $37,500

You save: Nothing! You actually pay more than double the low retail value, but with all these upgrades its still a bargain to me!

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What are your opinions about older motorhomes? Would you invest in something more than 20 year old? Please leave your comments below.

Noble Newmar Mountain Aire 2008

mountainaire 2008 aclassrvsale

This very noble Newmar Mountain Aire 2008 is on sale in Tampa, FL. It is one of my dream rigs and is being sold at around $1500 below low retail.

The Newmar brand is synonymous with “high end”. Even if you are buying an older model, you will be sure to experience a more luxurious and homelike experience when you go with their line.

This 2008 is a diesel with 3 air conditioners, washer/dryer combo, 4 slides, an upgraded freezer, upgraded shower walls, and an outside entertainment center.

Some especially cool features are a dishwasher, central vacuum, and home theater. A nice extra is that there were no previous pets so if you have one they can mark fresh territory.

Let’s see the interior…

mountain aire 2008 aclassrvsale

I can appreciate the creamy leather couch and nice tile flooring.

mountain air 2008 bath aclassrvsale

With a King size bed, such a modern bath looks like very comfortable traveling.

And of course we have a nice video to give you a comprehensive look.

Featured 5-Star Seller: Lazydays
lazydays tampa aclassrvsale

I want that planter lol! The next best thing I could do was take a photo.

Lazydays Tampa is a huge dealership sprawled across more than 100 acres. It has locations in various places throughout the US: Tampa (closest to me), 3 cities in Colorado including Denver, Minneapolis (newest), and Tucson.

I took a ride over to my local Lazydays and had a great experience talking with one of their top sales people Eddie Johnson.


Eddie lazydays aclassrvsale

Eddie drove me around the HUGE parking lot and explained to me what the Lazy Days difference is. “We give you the total package! We pride ourselves on the fact the we provide every service you may want. No need to go anywhere else.”

Lazy days has it’s own RV resort. They also have sites where you can hook up your rig and move your belongings over at your leisure if you are doing a trade in.

The overall impression I got after visiting them is that they seem to support RV life holistically, from supplying a staggering selection of vehicles for purchase to providing in house RV training and seminars year round.

Even if you did not purchase your RV with them you get access to the classes and will they will even teach you how to drive.

For those who like first class, there is the elite Crown Club which allows for membership benefits such as flying you in for free so you can drive your RV home, clubhouse amenities with gourmet meals, and complementary exterior washes.

It was an absolute pleasure to visit the dealership and Eddie will be my go to when I’m ready to upgrade.

Nada Price Guide

mountain aire 2008 nada guide aclassrvsale

Listed for: $179,787

You save: $1,663


This isn’t the biggest discount I have found, but it’s a FAIR deal at the very least and of course you are always welcome to negotiate for a better price.

Have you had an experience with LazyDays or the Newmar Mountain Aire? Please leave me a comment below :-).

Terrific 2006 Travel Supreme DS04

2006 Travel Supreme aclassrvsale

I found this tantalizing Travel Supreme model on sale at just a little above low retail. With only 44,000 miles on it over a 12-year period it presents a great opportunity to experience a higher end coach at an excellent price.

Right off the bat I can tell you this be one of the coolest paint jobs I’ve seen in a while. If this baby was parked at a Walmart I might hang around gawking at it for a while.

About Travel Supreme

The 2006 line presents with convenient features such as a DSI water heater ( which means you can switch it on and off with an electric switch), the arctic insulation package to help survive the winter and washer/dryer combo. The interior is upgraded with nice cabinetry, kitchen plank flooring and upgraded counters.

Travel Supreme is no longer in business. My research says they started out making luxury travel trailers and then evolved in to making motorhomes. It is rumored that the original owners were ex-Newmar employees, another upscale RV line, which doesn’t surprise me as the interiors seem to have similar designs. Reading reviews from Travel Supreme owners, I couldn’t find many complainers.

Some quotes included:

  • “the best coach we ever owned”
  • “roomy and elegant”
  • “no problems”
  • “well-made”
  • “easy to drive”

Let’s take a look at the interior

2006 travel supreme living aclassrvsale

Look at that rich wood flooring. Leather is always an upscale plus and there is even a place to play chess to the left 🙂

I always like to give a more comprehensive view of the interior so here it is…

You can find this unit at a dealership in South Carolina. They do quite a bit of online business as well and have numerous good reviews according to their website. Of course, I went to the BBB to see what they had to say. They only had 4 complaints. Not bad at all for a dealership their size.

Nada Price Guide Value

Nadaguides 2006 travel supreme aclassrvsale

Listed for: $79,998

The list price is so close to low retail that it just scraped by enough to earn being featured as a fair deal.


Any opinions or comments on this model would be greatly appreciated.



Luxurious Legacy 34A – Forest River 2018

Legacy 34A 2018 aclassrvsale


This stunning Class A is produced by Forest River, a Berkshire Hathaway company. With 3 slide outs, double recliners, a washer and dryer, and faux wood flooring, it’s being sold for ALMOST $20,000 BELOW LOW RETAIL as per the Nadaguides.

Notable Features…..

Your first impression when you enter a Forest River model is….nice. I know this from experience because one of my neighbors had upgraded from a pop up camper to Forest River travel trailer. When I walked in I was pleasantly surprised by the decor and the somewhat upscale feel.

This new unit has zero miles. Buying new as opposed to a used unit has its pros and cons. One pro being as the first owner you definitely know the maintenance history and will be under warranty.

Most obvious con is it depreciates considerably once you drive it off the lot, but you don’t buy RVs for their long term investment value 🙂

This camper looks really comfortable. It has 3 slide outs…one being a full wall slide, so it has a nice wide open feel.

Notable are its 2 air conditioners to keep it nice and cool inside and it’s outside entertainment center if you like watching sports or movies with friends outdoors.

Forest River decor is made to make the unit have more of a residential feel. It also has smart and creative spaces for keeping the things organized.

Looking at the interior…

The 34A floor plan has a combined kitchen and living area so it’s comfortable to entertain guests.

Living Legacy 34A 2018 aclassrvsale

kitchen Legacy 34A 2018 aclassrvsale

And here you have a lovely young lady who will give you the best view of the interior.

The unit is located at a popular dealership in Grand Rapids, Michigan. They are one of the largest sellers of class A and C motorhomes in the country, has a huge dealer network and carry multiple major brands. As a volume dealer it therefore can offer some excellent prices on many of their rvs.

Legacy 34A nadaguides aclassrvsale

Listed for: $159,990

Savings: $17,360


I would love to hear feedback from anyone who has experience with Forest River. Please leave your comments below 🙂

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Nifty Newmar Dutch Star 2007

2007 Dutch Star aclassrvsale

The Newmar motorhome line has been around since 1968 and are considered higher end in quality. With 50 years worth of individually hand crafted units they have earned a stellar reputation in the motor home world.

A 2019 Dutch star is retailing at a cool $372,000, so this very clean 12 year old unit offers you the opportunity to experience a more luxurious ride without spending almost $400 K!

Here are the things you need to know about this unit:

  • Length 42 ft 8 in
  • Engine 400 HP Cummings Diesal
  • Slides outs 4
  • Generator 7.5 Onan
  • Mileage 55,583 mi
  • Bed Size King

Because it is a 2007 you have added perk of being able to play your AM/FM cassette tapes! (lol) In addition the coach features a tilt telescoping smart wheel for easier handling, power visors and privacy shades, power patio and door awnings, and plenty of pass through storage space.

Features and Interior

Some more convenient interior features include a washer/dryer combo, 2 flat screen TVs, a glass shower door, and 3 air conditioning units with heat pumps to keep you feeling comfortable throughout the coach.

Let’s see the interior:

2007 Dutch Star living aclassrvsale

Looks pretty comfortable. Especially those 2 recliners. I can see two beers in the cup holders right now! I can also see taking up the carpet and putting down some nice laminate wood flooring…

The kitchen has gorgeous caramel colored wood and makes me want to make a smoothie.  In my opinion this is a very “renovatable” RV. Can you see the back splash in the background?

2007 Dutch Star kitchen aclassrvsale

Also, loving the fact that the toilet is separate from the sink and shower. Am I the only one who hates looking into a toilet while I brush my teeth?

2007 Dutch Star Bath aclassrvsale

For a 3-D experience of this model I have included this video.

Seller: Motorhome Specialists

This is a HUGE volume dealership located in Texas. Price range on their RVs go from $20,000 to $2 million! As of this writing they have 4,300 5 star reviews. As they do so much business I imagine that is why they can offer such attractive pricing. However, what is much more important is the service they provide.

There is always the concern with dealerships this large that you might be considered just a number. But from reading through some of the 1000s of positive reviews they’ve gotten the tone that they care just as much about customer service as sales becomes quite evident.

Nada Price Guide Value

2007 Dutch Star Nada Value aclassrvsale

Listed for: $99,997

You Save: $7,053

That’s a decent amount of savings, and off course if you are a master negotiator you could possible save even more.



Any fans of the Newmar line? I would love to hear your comments.


Gorgeous 2018 Georgetown XLF


2018 Forest River Georgetown aclassrvsale

What you need to know

  • 2018 Forest River Georgetown 377TS XLF
  • Gas
  • New
  • engine: Ford F-10
  • Sleeps: 6
  • Chassis: Ford
  • Slides: 3
  • Generator: ONAN 5500 with 0 hours

This coach features:

This brand new beauty comes with nice options such as full body paint, and outside entertainment center, and a washer/dryer combo. At 37″11 ft, this is a smaller sleeker self-contained unit with a front kitchen floor plan.

Some good comments made about this model is that it drives and tows well, and is stable and quiet on the road. The interior is spacious and quiet for the front end passenger. There is also plenty of pass through spacing.

Since its inception in 1996, Forest River has sold around 1.9 million units. It employs around 11,000 people and is a prominent presence around North America, so much so in fact that it was bought by Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway firm in 2005. Apparently the Oracle of Omaha saw it as a great company to invest in.

Let’s see the interior…

2018 Forest River Georgetown XL aclassrvsale.com

kitchen 2018 Forest River Georgetown aclassrvsale

bath 2018 Forest River Georgetown aclassrvsale

More on this model:

Here is a video clip so you can get a better feel for the interior:


The Seller: Berryland Campers

Berryland Campers is an award-winning dealership located in Louisiana. Each RV must pass a rigorous 4 hour pre inspection. They teach everything you need to know on the unit and you will be fully prepared to pull out the lot and enjoy your new RV.

Customer testimonial are stellar in reference to their longevity, service department, selection, and sales department. They also have quite a lovely website with lots of links and helpful information.

Nada Price Guide Value

nada price guide 2018 Forest River Georgetown aclassrvsale

Listed for: $115,000

You save: $15,550


This unit is selling for at least $10,000 below low retail and is therefore a good deal. What is your opinion of Forest River and the Georgetown XL line? Please leave a comment below.



Majestic Monaco Dynasty 2016

2016 Monaco Dynasty 45P aclassrvsale

The Basics

  • Model: Monaco Dynasty Palace 45P
  • Engine: 500hp Cummins
  • Mileage: 5000
  • Awnings: 3
  • Air conditioners: 3
  • Slide outs: 4
  • Length: 44 feet
  • Leveling Jacks: yes
  • Sleep: 4
  • Water capacity: 100+ gallons

This coach features…

In reviewing the photos it’s as clean as they come. In fact, it looks practically new! With only 5000 miles we might as well as say it is new! Not sure why they are giving such a fantastic price on this unit, but I don’t believe in looking gift horses in the mouth! 🙂

Features on the 2016 year of this model include, in addition to the standard equipment, solar panels for those inclined to going green, and two 90″ bay trays for plenty of storage. 7-8 people fit comfortably with the electric L-sofa which expands into a king-sized air mattress.

Enjoy amenities such as the LCD overhead television while you put your feet up in front of the electric fireplace. With a 12k generator for comfortable boon docking, a collision warning system, and a window awning package you won’t be disappointed with this intelligently designed and luxurious rig.

Let’s take a look at the interior…


The Seller

This unit is being sold by a dealership located in Michigan. They specialize in class A and C motor homes and carry only the top of the line manufacturers. Differentiating themselves, they only sell motor homes so the staff is especially adept and knowledgeable in answering all of your buying questions.

They provide timely, straight to your front door delivery nationwide and are renown for overall great service. You can also from time to time find a motorhome here at an astoundingly fair price.  This dealership gets stellar ratings and customer feedback which is admirable due to the fact that they are one of the largest in the country.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them below and I will be happy to answer them.

NADA Price Guide

2016 Monaco Dynasty Palace 45P aclassrvsale

Listed for: $315,990 Price was recently lowered!!!

You save: $54,210

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Handsome Holiday Rambler Admiral XE 2017

2017 holiday rambler aclassrvsale

The Basics

  • Fuel type: Gas
  • Model: 30U
  • Mileage: 2,083 miles
  • Slide outs: 2
  • Sleep capacity: 6-8
  • Length: 30 ft 11″
  • Leveling jacks: yes


As described by the seller, this unit is practically new and comes fully loaded. It features a king-size bed and a queen size drop bed. The drive train and chassis are warranted for 60,000 miles. It also comes with a 5.5 KW Onan generator.

2017 holiday rambler kitchen aclassrvsale
living 2017 holiday rambler aclassrvsale
bath 2017 holiday rambler aclassrvsale

More on Holiday Rambler

This year of Holiday Rambler series includes and attic fan, leather love seat, mobile theater system, VCR and flat panel television.

Reviews on this vehicle are quite positive. Outstanding features include good gas mileage, easy maneuverability, and great towing. With easy maintenance it is the right size to fit into the national parks.living 2017 HR aclassrvsale.com
Holiday Rambler uses a five point build system that includes a steel bridge, vacu-bonding, durable roof materials, aluminum framing and interlocking joints. Construction is geared toward giving full-timer RVers a long-lasting home on the road.

To insure comfortable interiors premium insulation materials are used. Holiday Rambler’s bead foam insulation creates an engineered fit resulting in some of the industry’s highest insulation R values.

Another great feature of this brand is the durable and intuitively designed slide out system. Instead of being built on the normal pine wood ramps that crack and distort, HR builds on an aluminum slide ramps for trouble free and durable operation.

Please see this video for a closer look at this model:

The Seller

This unit is being sold by a private seller. It was his dream to retire and RV full time, but due to health issues he needs to sell. Vehicle was barely used and is practically new. Located in Tennessee the owner is considering all reasonable offers.

Please leave any questions or comments below and I will be sure to respond.

Nada Price Guide Value:

2017 HR XE 30 U nada value aclassrvsale

Sale price: $77,000

Savings off low retail: $4,652

Helping you find a great rig AND a fair deal