Terrific 2006 Travel Supreme DS04

2006 Travel Supreme aclassrvsale

I found this tantalizing Travel Supreme model on sale at just a little above low retail. With only 44,000 miles on it over a 12-year period it presents a great opportunity to experience a higher end coach at an excellent price.

Right off the bat I can tell you this be one of the coolest paint jobs I’ve seen in a while. If this baby was parked at a Walmart I might hang around gawking at it for a while.

About Travel Supreme

The 2006 line presents with convenient features such as a DSI water heater ( which means you can switch it on and off with an electric switch), the arctic insulation package to help survive the winter and washer/dryer combo. The interior is upgraded with nice cabinetry, kitchen plank flooring and upgraded counters.

Travel Supreme is no longer in business. My research says they started out making luxury travel trailers and then evolved in to making motorhomes. It is rumored that the original owners were ex-Newmar employees, another upscale RV line, which doesn’t surprise me as the interiors seem to have similar designs. Reading reviews from Travel Supreme owners, I couldn’t find many complainers.

Some quotes included:

  • “the best coach we ever owned”
  • “roomy and elegant”
  • “no problems”
  • “well-made”
  • “easy to drive”

Let’s take a look at the interior

2006 travel supreme living aclassrvsale

Look at that rich wood flooring. Leather is always an upscale plus and there is even a place to play chess to the left 🙂

I always like to give a more comprehensive view of the interior so here it is…

You can find this unit at a dealership in South Carolina. They do quite a bit of online business as well and have numerous good reviews according to their website. Of course, I went to the BBB to see what they had to say. They only had 4 complaints. Not bad at all for a dealership their size.

Nada Price Guide Value

Nadaguides 2006 travel supreme aclassrvsale

Listed for: $79,998

The list price is so close to low retail that it just scraped by enough to earn being featured as a fair deal.


Any opinions or comments on this model would be greatly appreciated.



2 thoughts on “Terrific 2006 Travel Supreme DS04”

  1. Certainly looks like a luxurious RV with nice features. I haven’t been in an RV since I was a child, and my uncles RV was not nearly as nice as this one. Based on that List Price to what you paid for it seems like a great deal, and you could save a ton of cash. I’m honestly not sure that I could live “on the road,” because when I was younger I drove Semis cross country, and that was a very lonely life. Thank you very much for the information, and perhaps someday I may try again to hit the roads.

    1. HI Matt. The RV life doesn’t have to be lonely. Many families and couples travel together, as well as you can travel with friends, full time or just on the weekends. Thanks for your comment 🙂

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